Theoretical part of the MFK Course

The theoretical course has 6 chapters. MFK Method, History, Examination, Diagnosis, Therapy and Control. In each of them there are detailed subchapters with the subtitle “I’m studying, studying, describing, listening, having fun”, “looking in detail, studying in detail, thinking and working.

The aim of the theoretical course is to absorb its content, see 64 general and detailed videos, study 277 pages text, outlining 6 crosswords and 9 quizzes and getting to know how a therapist works in practice that always has a professional diagnostic assistant – MFK System application. 



The theoretical starting point for the human body is supplemented by a look at its actions in MFK. Converted-space “> You will always have a text to read for a detailed study.



The therapist accompanies you on a full course with a client who came to MFK. In detailed videos, you will learn how to write a history, how to diagnose a client’s problem, how to choose the appropriate therapy, and how the client should take care of himself.


Crosswords puzzles

Making crossword puzzles brings you the advantage of not having to show your knowledge, but your attention when listening to general videos.



In quiz chapters, you can check whether you have the talent of attention and whether you are open to understanding new approaches.

You are looking at the techniques and methods you already know from your experiences from a different point of view. You will learn how to orient yourself in the entire movement system of a person in the context of the problem that the client has come to you. Learn about the MFK System diagnostics to help you decide how to proceed. You will learn to pass on health information to the patient so that they can easily understand and collaborate.  

Start the MFK Method Method

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Since the theoretical part of the course includes six broad chapters, we recommend that you log in well in advance, taking into account the time required to complete the course according to your time options so that you can follow up on the scheduled term of practice. Apply for a practical part at least 14 days before it starts.