Practical part
Course MFK Method

The practical part will allow you to verify the acquired theoretical knowledge and gain new skills under the guidance of experienced trainers – MFK therapists. By successfully completing the practical part of the course, you will be able to use the MFK System diagnostic / therapeutic program in your work.

The practical part of the course consists of three parts.

Course with trainer

2 days

at the training center

You will acquire practical skills in MFK System control. You will assure the questions and answers that the information from the theoretical part of the course is solid in the form of . Put your new knowledge into real practice. You will not only clarify and practice the therapeutic techniques in the areas of reflex zones, fascia, trigger zones, tender zones, ligament and periosteum, but also the practical implementation of regeneration techniques and exercises in the field of healthy muscles. You set to personally enter the MFK System to practice your own.

Practical part

60 therapies with the MFK System

In your own surgery, massage room, fitness room or other facility

The aim is practically to explore not only your theoretical knowledge but also the cost of your work. One of the steps will be to set up a pricelist for clients who will benefit from the diagnostic and therapeutic benefits of MFK System. The treated client pays for one treatment the amount specified by the MFK trainee’s price list. You calculate the return on your own investment throughout the course and purchase of licenses. The term is in the beginning of the third part of the practical course. (1 client / 6 treatments, a total of 10 clients)

Exam with the supervisor

2 days

At the training center

Through the MFK presentation, you will introduce therapies done to 10 clients from your own card index, selected clients with a history record and share impressions From own examination practice. You will read the diagnostic maps, evaluate the effect of therapies and controls. You are practicing for an independent, determined and confident therapist’s thinking. Make real MFK therapy and answer questions from your clients. Evaluate the cost benefit of therapeutic action with MFK System in your practice.

I want a certificate

After successful completion of the course (both practical and theoretical) you will receive a reward as a reward that will entitle you to They were able to move around the MFK world and were full MFK therapists.

How do I join a course?

The application enrollment ends in the practical part of the course 14 days before the start of the practice. The condition for real entry into the practical course is the successful completion of the theoretical online part. For a preliminary interest in joining the practical part of the course, write an email at . You can get specific information about the binding application in the confirmation email.