In the “MFK Method – Informatics in Physiotherapy” course you will learn to use the diagnostic-therapeutic application “MFK System” in therapeutic practice. Techniques and methods that you already know from your experience will introduce you from a different point of view. You will learn how to navigate the entire human movement system in the context of the diagnostic problem your client is coming to.

MFK course consists of two parts

Theoretical Section

The theoretical part provides a comprehensive overview of the therapist’s work using the MFK System computer program for diagnostic and therapeutic use. The chapters contain instructional general and detailed videos, expert theory on the subject, practical tutorials, and ideas for reflection.

Practical Section

The practical part will allow you to verify acquired theoretical knowledge and gain new skills under the guidance of experienced trainers – MFK therapists. By successfully completing the practical part of the course, you will be able to use the MFK System diagnostic / therapeutic program in your work.

MFK System
You will learn to communicate with the client, write an anamnesis and test your muscles. You can read the diagnostic maps of the motion system presented in the MFK System. You will be able to apply specific therapeutic or massage techniques, exercises, or active training. You can better understand pain sources, movement restrictions or other client problems.

The application will help you decide what to do in your therapeutic work. You will learn how to pass on health information so that the client can easily understand and co-operate.